Report & Results: CBR Dominguez Hills Criterium Series # 5

Huntsman Wins from 4 Man Breakaway

at CBR Dominguez Hills Criterium Series # 5

The Pro 1-3 men’s race started with a field of 84 riders on the start line at the CBR Dominguez Hills Criterium #5 and was held under fantastic racing weather conditions.
After some recent road construction was completed on the course, the CBR Dominguez Hills Criterium # 5 went back to the old school CBR course with the standard right hand turns and a gentle stair stepper hill just before the sprint.
The wind would be a factor for this course along with plenty of talented riders in the field.

A Breakaway Escapes

The race started out with a breakaway in the early part of the race with Aden Wardrop ( Team) opening up with the first real move. Wardrop was then joined by Gavin Hlady (Mikes Bike’s) with Eddy Huntsman coming across and was also joined by Jason Paez (Legion of Los Angeles).
The quartet worked well together to gain close to a minute and got out of site from the field. By mid-race, the break started infighting and then realized they would be better off working together and got back to business putting it back in time trial mode.

The break regained their lead and caught the tail end of the field coming into the sprint.

There was a small chase group that managed to get within 30 plus seconds of closing the gap and held off the field to fill in the top 10 spots.

The Winning Move

Eddy Huntsman (Butcher Box) made a move on the back side of the course to hold off the three riders in the break to secure the win with Gavin Hlady (Mikes Bike’s) taking second and Jason Paez (Legion of Los Angeles) filling out the podium for 3rd. Aden Wardrop ( Team) hung on for fourth place.
The seven man chase group was led in by Jacob Longo ( Team) who finished fifth.
Great job to everyone that participated at the CBR Dominguez Hills Criterium # 5.  A special shout out to Julian Agredano, a new Team member, for putting in a great effort in the peloton covering moves and insuring the break would stick and to Jacob Longo for making it to the chase group to have us covered on all angles.

CBR Dominguez Hills Criterium Series #5 Results

Results & Upcoming Events

Pro 1-3 Results

1st Eddy Huntsman (Butcher Box)
2nd Gavin Hlady (Mikes Bike’s)
3rd Jason Paez (Legion of Los Angeles)
4th Aden Wardrop ( Team)
5th Jacob Longo ( Team)

Race Report & Photos by Frank Sarate, Team

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