Video: Watch the Ultimate 2,671-Mile Thrill Ride: ‘The Divide’ Epic Adventure

Blaze through 100 miles of untamed terrain from the last gas station, knowing the next one is just as far away. This is the stuff of dreams, and it’s all part of the bucket list ride that cycling maverick Lachlan Morton has been dreaming about for years in this adventure biking video!

Dreams Turned Reality: Lachlan Morton’s Unstoppable Quest Begins

Join the fearless Lachlan Morton as he transforms dreams into reality, kickstarting the ultimate adventure from the awe-inspiring Banff, Alberta, Canada, to the sun-soaked Antelope Wells, New Mexico, USA.

‘The Divide’ is not just a route; it’s a breathtaking canvas where beauty collides with rugged ambition, promising an experience that transcends the ordinary.

In two thrilling weeks, Lachlan felt fear, embraced the cold, discovered untapped capabilities, and embraced a level of aliveness that defies description.

Every challenge is a hidden gem, unraveling the beauty that lies beneath, creating an awe-inspiring tapestry along this epic trail.

Lachlan’s Unfiltered Alive Experience

Lachlan Morton bares his soul, recounting the bone-chilling moments that made him feel more alive than ever on this ambitious and solitary trail.

Watch ‘The Divide’ by EF Pro Cycling Explore Presented by Wahoo

The cinematic brilliance of EF Pro Cycling Explore’s “The Divide” presented by Wahoo captures the very essence of Lachlan Morton’s awe-inspiring journey.

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