EF Pro Cycling Unveils Fresh Rapha Kit and Cannondale Bikes at Team Camp

A Historic Gathering in Girona

EF Pro Cycling marks a pivotal moment in its history as the team gathers in Girona for an extensive eight-day team camp. The occasion saw the convergence of EF Education-Cannondale and EF Education-EasyPost, setting the stage for a new era of unity and global racing.

Testing the Waters in Girona

Amidst training sessions, meetings, meals, and even some memorable karaoke moments (stay tuned for a RaceTV exclusive), the team had the opportunity to put their new Rapha kit and Cannondale bikes to the test. The team camp, which was the largest in team history, served as a platform to acquaint new teammates and staff while solidifying the foundation for a globally competitive EF Pro Cycling.

A CEO’s Reflection

Jonathan Vaughters, CEO of EF Pro Cycling, shared his emotional perspective on the team’s journey. “When I looked out at all the faces during one of the big team dinners, it was really emotional to see how far this team has come,” expressed Vaughters. “It’s a special time to be part of this team.”

Signature Kit Redefined

Rapha, in collaboration with riders, has given EF Pro Cycling’s signature kit a fresh update. Yellow graphic accents and subtle road racing phrases like “UP UP UP” add a playful touch, capturing the unique character of the team. The design pays homage to life on the road and the team’s European home base, creating a distinctive look that blends personality with race-winning technology.

Fresh Cannondale Race Bikes

Accompanying the revamped kit are the team’s new Cannondale race rigs, presented in a brilliant new colorway. Ready to roll on the road, these bikes symbolize the team’s readiness to forge a new path and compete at the highest level.

Unveiling EF Education-Cannondale

With the new look comes the official introduction of the EF Education-Cannondale squad. Ready to race, this unified team embodies the vision of one organization and one team racing across the world.

Building One Team in Girona

Esra Tromp, the EF Education-Cannondale general manager, sheds light on the team’s strategy. “The plan is to have one organization. One team. It’s about building up and expanding the EF Pro Cycling organization,” explains Tromp, emphasizing the unity and expansion integral to the team’s future.


In conclusion, EF Pro Cycling’s recent team camp in Girona not only unveiled a striking new Rapha kit and fresh Cannondale bikes but also marked a significant moment in the team’s history. The eight-day gathering served as a testing ground for equipment, a platform for team bonding, and the foundation for a more unified and globally competitive EF Pro Cycling. As the team embraces a fresh aesthetic and officially introduces the EF Education-Cannondale squad, the vision of one organization and one team racing across the world takes center stage. With a blend of character, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to unity, EF Pro Cycling is well-positioned to continue its journey with resilience and success on the international cycling stage. The camp’s emotional reflections, vibrant designs, and strategic vision collectively pave the way for an exciting chapter in EF Pro Cycling’s ongoing narrative.

Photos  by Jered Gruber & Ashley Gruber | Gruber Images

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