A Look at FSA’s Super Light (SL) ACB Headset Bearing

FSA announced their latest innovation as the leader in headset technology: Super Light (SL) ACB Bearings that are up to 38% lighter.

The new SL Bearings have the same chrome steel inner / outer races and balls that their standard FSA cartridge bearings use. You might ask “Well, where does the weight savings come from?” The answer lies in the housing. FSA’s new SL Bearings have a Hybrid Alloy Housing compared to the 100% Steel versions of FSA’s headsets. The alloy housing is responsible for up to 9.2 grams of weight savings per bearing, yet maintains the same legendary FSA durability.

Running the new SL Bearing is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to save weight on your bike. The Super Light (SL) ACB Bearings are drop-in replacements for current bearings and retail for only $29.99 each.

For more info on the the Super Light (SL) ACB Bearings please visit FullSpeedAhead.com.