Williams Racing Management Puts On Race Academy for Juniors & Beginners

Everyone has a story. What separates us, are the unique paths we choose to take on our journey through life. Mine is a simple one. I’m an inner city kid that was lucky enough to be introduced to cycling through my heritage. Looking back at my past, I felt the need to share my experiences with those around me who may not have access to some of the ins and outs of cycling. Williams Racing is a program I put together to give young cyclists the experience, tools, and support to move past their current level in cycling. Our first event is finally happening! The Williams Racing Race Academy will aim to help riders learn tactics, and develop a sense for reading races. The rules are simple: come out, jump in the pace-line, and staff will help pick categories for each rider. #Nosandbaggers! It’s all about having fun and learning something new.

The race will take place on Saturday, December 6, from 4pm-10pm, at the Encino Velodrome: 17301 Oxnard St, Los Angeles, CA 91316. Activities will include race simulation, music, games, raffles, and more. We encourage all juniors to come out to participate as juniors race FREE! We will have former Olympians, National team members, and some of the best track coaches out to help guide racers to success. There will be Williams Racing Management shirts and socks for sale along with snacks and drinks. All in all, this is a simple attempt to better the cycling experience for fans, kids, and beginners alike, so come out for a fun day of racing!

Registration is $10; JUNIORS RACE FREE! Categories will include, junior’s boys and girls, women’s A (B category maybe added), and men’s A- B and possible C’s.

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By Justin Williams, Williams Racing Management

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