A Weekend at the Incycle – Cannondale Pro Cycling Team Launch & Tour de Palm Springs

On Friday and Saturday, Cannondale hosted a fun weekend of activities in Palm Springs with the Incycle – Cannondale Pro Cycling Team Launch and an invite to ride in the popular Tour de Palm Springs.

The drive out to Palm Springs had heavier traffic than normal due to the Valentines Day / Presidents Day long weekend. As we approached Loma Linda headed east on the 10 freeway, traffic came to a dead stop with the cars in front of us swerving. The next thing we knew there was a motorcyclist on the ground after getting brake checked by the car in front of him. We were able to get out of the car to help him and were ready to call 911, but after laying there for a while, he luckily got up and was okay. In typical cyclist fashion, he just wanted to know if his Harley was okay!

We made it out to Palm Springs and checked in to the  Riveria Hotel resort, a hidden gem that was a popular Hollywood destination and hang out for the “Rat Pack”.

The Incycle – Cannondale Pro Cycling Team had a nice set up at the resort, where we conducted some interviews and got the low down on the custom Cannondale EVO Hi-Mods that the Team will be riding.

That evening Cannondale hosted the Incycle – Cannondale Pro Cycling Team Launch at the Riveria Hotel’s ultrachic Circa 59 restaurant and the Team riders and staff were introduced by Team Owners Dominic Galenti and Micah Cloteaux. The Team roster includes a cosmopolitan mix of riders from the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Columbia.  The Incycle – Cannondale Pro Cycling Team members include:  Andres Diaz, Samuel (Hunter) Grove, Diego Sandoval, Franco Font, Sergio Hernandez, Efren Ortega, Orlando Garibay, Sebastian Montes, Julian Rodas, Cory Williams, Ricky Morales and Sebastin Montes Cano.

After speaking with the Incycle – Cannondale Pro Cycling Team riders, there is an air of excitement for the race season and a good camaraderie amongst the Team. This will be a fun Team to watch as they embark on a schedule that focuses on NRC and stage races this season.

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Tour de Palm Springs
On Sunday, Cannondale invited journalists and Incycle – Cannondale Pro Cycling Team members and management to ride the popular Tour de Palm Springs. There was a sea of cyclists in the desert, with over 8,000 riders cruising the streets of Palm Springs.

We had a great group and rode at a pretty good pace for the 55 mile ride. After the last SAG station, the plan was to hammer home and “Git-R-Done”, so we could get checked out of the Riviera on time. I haven’t ridden much more than 30 miles and have not ridden in a group ride in a few years, so the fast pace finally caught up with me and detonated at mile 45. The Garmin read 95 degrees and hot foot set in for a painful last few miles. Nevertheless, it was a really fun ride and has inspired me to get back out there and hopefully do some group rides again in the future.

Hats off to all of the riders who participated in the Tour de Palm Springs. It was a great event and Palm Springs offers the perfect location to participate in a “fun ride” and have a relaxing getaway.

Check back soon to SoCalCycling.com for interviews with Team members of the Incycle – Cannondale Pro Cycling Team.

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Report & Photos by Christy Nicholson / SoCalCycling.com

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