SCNCA Board of Trustee Election is Underway Through November 30th

The 2019 election for the Board of Directors for the Southern California – Nevada Cycling Association is currently underway through November 30, 2018.

USA Cycling is helping with the voting process for the 2019 election by providing a voting portal and tabulating results at the end of the election.

This year, five of nine seats on the board are open. Seven candidates are running for those five seats. For information on voting procedures please see the SCNCA website –  Election Process

SCNCA Bylaws allow for voting by Clubs and Organizations licensed by USA Cycling. USA Cycling has emailed each Clubs and Organizations the voting information to the listed contacts for these entities, which may mean that multiple members of your organization may receive the link to vote. Each entity is only allowed one vote. USA Cycling will verify this through the vote submission form, and contact any groups that submit more than one vote.

Voting Dates

Online voting will begin on November 17, at 9 a.m. The end of the voting period will be November 30 at noon.

An announcement of the election results will take place on December 7th. The ratification of the election results, and the seating of the new board of directors will take place at a board meeting in early January of 2019.

If you have any questions, contact [email protected].

Candidate Statements (In Alphabetical Order)

Jim Allen

I believe the SCNCA should be facilitating the racing calendar to encourage profitable events, facilitating junior racing, and striving to bring local racing back to its previous levels.

I have 46 years experience in the sport. I was a Category 2 rider, and am currently a National level commissaire/motor referee. I sat on the Board of the Redlands Bicycle Classic as a consultant for a number of years. Now I work mostly doing camera or motor refereeing at local level races or filling other postions as needed.

I believe that I would be an asset to your board with my prior experience as second Vice President on the USCF Board of Trustees and as the Officials representative on the SCNCA Board of Directors for 9 years. I have also served for 4 years on the Board of Directors for the local Volunteer Fire Department.

The following is a brief resume of my experience.

I have been employed in the bicycle industry since 1976 and have been self employed since 1982.

Board of Directors

2012-2016 Member of the MVVFD (Montezuma Valley Volunteer Fire Dept) Board of Directors serving as Secretary and Treasurer

2003-2013 Member of the SCNCA Board of Directors finishing as 2nd Vice President

2002-2011 Member of the USCF Board of Trustees

2004-2011 Member of the USAC Motor Commission


1972-1984 attained Category 2 status in both road and track disciplines


I have been involved with teaching/mentoring entry-level officials as well as Motor Referees.

Officials Education

Safe Sport; NORBA National Commissaires Course; USCF Category 1 Recertification Seminar; USCF Officials Evaluator Seminar; UCI National Commissaires Course; 1974 Officials Seminar

Race Promotion

1974-1976 was involved with promoting events in Escondido

Video/Camera Operator

Work local events as video camera operator; consequently I am present at a great number of our local races.

Officiating Experience

I have worked internationally, nationally and locally as an official. Here is a sampling of the events that I have worked.

World Championships

Elite World Track Cup; Elite, Junior, and Para World Track and Road Championships

International Stage Races

Amgen Tour of California; Tour du Pont; Tour of Georgia; Tour de Lilaleinu; Tour of Missouri; Tour of Texas; Tour of Utah; Pro Challenge; Coors Classic; Hewlitt-Packard Ore Ida Womens Challenge;

International Cyclocross Events

Cross Reno; Cross Vegas; CXLA Cross After Dark; CXLA Weekend Long Beach

National Championship Events

Collegiate Track Championships; Olympic Trials; Elite, Junior and Masters Road and Track Championships; Cyclocross Championships

National Stage Race Events

Redlands Bicycle Classic; Cascade Classic Stage Race; Nature Valley Grand Prix; Tour of the Gila; Vulcan Tour; Mammouth Mountain Stage Race

Daniel Caldera

I have been an athlete my whole life and Ive done the gambit from team sports to individual sports but Cycling has by far is the hardest most difficult thing Ive ever done. I have a passion for something that pushes me to strive for more. I got into the sport after playing baseball for 15yrs and needed a push, that was triathlons for me. Once I had my first child, my 3rd Ironman 140.6 was my last due to the time constraints and the work/life/family balance. Of the three disciplines, Cycling was my favorite and pushed me to be my best masters 35+ racer I can be. This is why today I want to be part of the board to help support us so that I can help grow the sport so that our youth can experience what I did at a much younger age.

I have served on the board of the Rancho Cucamonga Grape stomp triathlon, Rotary club of Rancho Cucamonga, Sigma Nu Fraternity and several other elected positions. I feel strongly about something I want to be part of the team that makes a positive change. Regardless of the task, Im willing to put the time and effort in to make it better than it was when I began.

Ive been blessed and fortunate to have been successful as part of teams that works together whether or not it always agrees on the topic. Working in a nonprofit environment with volunteers can be a difficult task yet very rewarding. You will get that positive, move forward mentality from me whether Im in a board meeting or riding my bike during a recovery ride.

Im a man of integrity but you do not have to take me at my word. Please ask anyone who knows me I think it will tell you who I am and what I stand for. I am proud to be a member of Impact Racing, not because we have a strong successful group of cyclists, but because I believe in our team mission/cause and what they stand for “Making an impact on and off the bike”.

As I mentioned, its important for me to spread the growth of Cycling in our community. I believe that begins with our youth and continues through our incorporation of more women into the sport. I feel like I can help bring a different perspective to the board and so I ask for your vote.

Chris Daggs

My name is Chris Daggs and Ive been a member of the Southern California cycling community for more than 20 years. I grew up in Illinois and started racing when I was 15. Ive raced as a Cat 1 on the road and track around the country and even had an opportunity to race in Belgium. As I got into my late 30s I continued to race Pro/1/2 races and Masters and decided to take on coaching. As a coach I started working with the US Para-cycling Team and I coached athletes to the 2012 London Paralympics and 2016 Rio Paralympics. I also ran the Swamis Junior Development Team from 2014 thru 2016. Swamis had a very successful program and we sent riders to Worlds and other international events with the US National Team. In late 2014, USA Cycling offered me an opportunity to work as an assistant coach with their track program, primarily the Womens Team Pursuit Program. In 2015 I lead the Junior Team at the UCI Junior Track World Championships in Astana, Kazakhstan. In 2016 I ran the Junior National Track Program which included running the Worlds Qualifier races at Trexlertown as well as leading the team at the UCI Junior Track World Championships in Aigle, Switzerland (at UCI World Headquarters). I also helped the Womens Team Pursuit Squad prepare for the 2016 Rio Olympics and after the Olympics I lead the Elite National Team at the Pan Am Championships in Mexico where we won 4 medals (including a Pan Am Championship). USA Cycling asked me to step up to the role of Head Coach for the women on an interim basis in early 2017. I lead the Womens Team Pursuit Squad to their first World Cup win at the Los Angeles World Cup and then their second consecutive world title at the 2017 UCI World Track Cycling Championships in Hong Kong. After Hong Kong I decided to step back from coaching and focus on my family.

As a board member with the SCNCA my goals will be to help rebuild our racing schedule and provide meaningful race opportunities for our racers. I have a wide range of experience in many areas of our sport. Ive been a beginner and raced at Elite Nationals. Ive coached new juniors and Olympians and World Champions. Ive volunteered on corners at crits and run events. Ive been a team member and managed teams that travel across the nation and around the world. I want to put all this experience to good use and help my local racing community. The sport of cycling has provided me with tremendous opportunity and I know its done the same for many others. I want to do my part to help the sport in SoCal. I plan on actively racing in 2019 in Masters races and Ill probably coach a few athletes. I want to make sure Im accessible to all the stake holders so we can work together and make sure bike racing in the SCNCA District is fun, exciting, inclusive, and sustainable.

Ramon Gonzalez (Incumbent)

I am running for re-election to the Board of Directors for the SCNCA.

I have been serving on the board for the last 2 years, in addition to functioning as the Permit Coordinator for the SCNCA. During my term, I have brought forward several best practices from other regions, as well as generating templates, checklists and standardized flyer language in order to help streamline the process and bring a higher degree of consistency to Race Directors.

I have been involved in cycling in Southern California since 1982, initially, as a former elite level racer, then as a professional team mechanic, and currently as an official at the National Commissaire level. I am extremely fortunate in continuing to work many major national, World Cup and international events within the United States, most notably having served as Chief Judge for the Amgen Tour of California.

As a current instructor for our new officials, I employ the latest techniques and materials, while sharing the skills and best practices I continue to learn and experience at the national level.

I understand the challenges of our local association and am passionate in continuing to help grow and evolve the SCNCA into what is becoming our new sports climate. I will bring the same consistency and unbiased decisions that I use in officiating to bring our sport back to the level it deserves.

I know I can continue to benefit and bring relevant perspective to our LA. I humbly ask for your vote and look forward to further serving you in the coming years.

Christopher Jennings

MBA & USA Cycling Coach

It is with great passion & enthusiasm that I apply to serve on the Board of the Southern California Nevada Cycling Association. The SCNCA since its 2003 inception has been home to the largest number of cyclists in the United States. Despite this, we are currently witnessing the decreasing popularity of licensed cyclists while simultaneously Gran Fondos/Gravel/Fixed/Mass Start events are seeing growth at exorbitant rates. This is a unique time and we must capitalize on the opportunities before us to continue to provide for ALL types of riders in our region and their varied interests.

To this point I have been hosting Beginner Racing Programs in the local area at CBR and Ladera Ranch events over the past several years and looking forwards to another full schedule in the coming 2019 season. I am also currently serving as head coach for the University of California Irvine Cycling Team, being a part of the coaching staff since 2012 in addition to having my own personal clients ranging from recreational to national level and having worked with Olympic & World Record Holders. As a Coach I see an influx of new interested cyclists every year and see what they love about the sport but also observe what drives people away from the sport. I want to help as many people as possible come to the sport, and keep as many active as well. There is much more we can do to help this sport we love!

As a member of the SCNCA Board of Directors I would seek to grow interest in the sport in a safe and responsible way while rewarding returning members with new friends, and better experiences. Expanding Skills Clinics to all types of riding styles and events, by way of seeking safe enjoyment for all riders. I would also look into working with USADA on expanding anti-doping practices as we are unmasking dopers with unsettling regularity. Additionally I would seek to eradicate riders whom have established a negative racing history and endanger the well being of those who seek enjoyment and well being from the sport while balancing the needs of a career. We cannot allow the negativity of a few to dissuade interest in our dwindling sport. Lastly, I would encourage promoters to go beyond the weekend crits and seek to reestablish some of our lost road race courses, circuit rates and stage races type events. Investigate merging a Gran Fondo with a Road Race for 2 day weekend events bringing in varied cycling styles. Years ago we raced the same Long Beach circuit as the Tour of California. Lets bring fantastic events that merge local and professional riders! If the biggest cycling race in the United States graces our area, lets pay it and the fans of the hobby & sport some respect!

Mark Strohman

Five of the nine volunteer Board of Director positions with our local association are up for election. I believe this offers the perfect opportunity to introduce diverse and new sets of eyes, with renewed energy, to see how we can corroboratively work together to keep the sport we all love growing and continuing well into the future. Collectively, we have to do more to welcome new athletes into the sport, including juniors and women. I do not claim to have all the answers, but I am willing to listen and offer a voice in an effort to help grow our sport. I do know without the work of our race directors we would not have any racing, but I also know that without actual bicycle racers, our directors cannot exist.

I am a believer in the great benefit USA Cyclings Beginner Racing Program offers to new racers and I would like to see much more done to promote this beneficial program. Our local association is responsible for the local day-to-day business of USA Cycling, and BRP must be one of those responsibilities. Additionally, our juniors are the future of our sport, and together we must do whatever we can to promote and support junior racing including grants, financial support of training camps, and reduced or free race entries to the extent possible.

I would like our local association to work together more with local promotors to discover new venues for competitive events. As permitting and expenses continue to grow, we must be creative in seeking out new venues, or we will continue to lose races. I hear stories about the heyday of racing and the great variety of venues and events and wonder if it is gone forever. I hope not.

In closing, if I am elected to fill one of the board positions, I will carry out my responsibility honestly, ethically and to the absolute best of my ability.

Sean M Wilson (Incumbent)

PhD,USACycling Category 1 road cyclist, level 1 coach with distinction

I am honored to have served our cycling community on the SCNCA Board of Directors for the past several years. I am a university professor, coach, lifelong cyclist, former professional athlete, team director, and parent. Each day I use all of my skills to interface with our community and USACycling to help our sport move into the future. The sport is changing at a rapid pace, and I embrace the new directions. I am doing my part by helping to translate ideas and transform our sport through close collaboration with USACycling and leaders of our community. These actions help to continue high quality race programs while actively build unique events in our region. I am not one to sit by and watch competitive cycling fade, but rather take a positive and active approach, supporting progressive programs at local, regional, and national levels that seek to have enduring impact for our sport. This includes:

  • Current SCNCA President
  • SCNCA representative to USACycling
  • SCNCA Development coordinator
  • Liaison with the NCNCA
  • Level 1 USACycling coach with distinction
  • National coach representative to the USACycling road sport committee
  • USACycling Certified Skills Instructor
  • Continuing Education provider for USACycling coaches
  • Organizer of yearly Junior Development Summits
  • Present Antidoping education for juniors
  • Director of GS Andiamo Junior Cycling Team, a USACycling Development Foundation Center of Excellence and 3 X USACycling club of the year
  • Implemented race mentorship programs for the SCNCA
  • Race Mentor
  • Developed progressive athlete upgrade process for the SCNCA
  • Developed grant mechanism to enhance SCNCA coaching education
  • Pro-team Registrar and Team Liaison for the Redlands Bicycle Classic
  • Trustee for the Redlands Bicycle Classic
  • Promoter and mentor of numerous Beginning Racer Programs, Skills Clinics, and Races in Redlands
  • Director of multiple SCNCA Junior Development Camps
  • Collaborated to implement a junior to collegiate transition program
  • Collaborated to implement programs to teach group riding and traffic safety programs for racing cyclists
  • Collaborating with USACycling on a risk management program for junior cyclists
  • Advocate for Junior and womens cycling
  • I ask for your vote so that I can continue working on your behalf with USACycling, my fellow board members, and our broader community. I look forward to continuing to serve the Southern California Racing community and working with USACycling for the advancement of our sport.

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