Rally Cycling Launches 2021 Team, Reveals Cycling Kit and Team Bike

2021 Rally Cycling team jersey

The Rally Cycling Team is ready to take on the 2021 cycling season and has announced the professional men’s and women’s cycling teams via a Virtual Team Launch.  The Team also unveiled their new stylish cycling kits and team bikes that will stand out in the peloton.

Rally Cycling Virtual Team Launch

Rally Cycling officially kicks off the 2021 season with their Virtual Team Launch.

  Hundreds of hours of footage, countless interviews, and infinite time in the editing suite have all come down to this.

This is an unprecedented event in the world of pro cycling, detailing how the team got through one of the toughest years ever and is stronger for it.

Rally Cycling 2021 Felt AR and FR Team Bikes

Rally Cycling is sponsored by Felt Bicycles and will be riding the 2021 Felt AR and FR team bikes.

Rally Cycling 2021 Felt AR and FR team bikes

Rally Cycling’s New Kit Design

For 2021, Rally Cycling pulled out all the stops to add a new dynamic layer to their iconic team livery. The team is calling this year’s look “Geode”, and it was the result of a close collaboration between the design teams at Circuit Sport and Rally Health.