Race Report & Results: Anger Management Criterium

Traditional sunny California weather set the stage for California Bicycle Racing’s Anger Management Criterium in Dominguez Hills, which made for a perfect day of racing for all categories.

The Pro 1-3 race started out steady and then a few attacks started rolling off after about 10 minutes of racing.

One of the main moves contained Rudy Napolitano (Velo Pasadena) and Anthony Canevari (SoCalCycling.com Elite Team) who bridged across along with a few other teams that started to make there moves to get across. This made it a little easier to control the field when some of the teams that had numbers slowed it down near the front. Once the break started to get it together and find there rhythm they rolled up the road to get a 45 second gap. Most teams looked content to let it just play out, but some other riders were getting antsy.

Things started to get strung out for several laps at a time and then about 45 minutes in small groups were detaching themselves from the main pack and slowly getting away to create a large group of riders off the front of about 17 riders all chasing the main break.

An hour fifteen into the race the break lapped the main field with about 8 laps remaining with Rudy Napolitano and a few riders coming across first. About 5-10 seconds back was the remainder of the break with there heads down and charging hard to lap the field as well. A half lap later, the break finally came together and all riders were contained.

From that point the pace was set high from Surf City, Team Helen’s, Simple Green / Bike Religion among other teams setting a high tempo so there wouldn’t be any late attacks and made  sure that they had their sprinters in place for what would be a field sprint.

As the teams were locking in there positions with a few corners to go, things were starting to get confusing as the field and the break were sprinting all together.

Coming out of the last corner the Simple Green / Bike Religion team had Ryan Schneider lined up for the win, with Aaron Wimberley (Team Helens) in second and Anthony Canevari (SoCalCycling.com Elite Team) taking 3rd. This is Ryan’s second win in a row for the early season races in January. It looks like Simple Green / Bike Religion has put together a good sprint team for 2013.

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Report by Frank Sarate / SoCalCycling.com

Photo © Christy Nicholson / EchelonDesignPhoto.com


Pro 1-3: 1st Ryan Schneider (Team Simple Green/Bike Religion), 2nd Aaron Wimberley (Team Helens), 3rd Anthony Canevari (SoCalCycling.com Elite Team), 4th Brian Zink, 5th Evan Stade, 6th Paul Vaccari, 7th John Wike, 8th Stefano Barberi, 9th Chris Waggoner, 10th Rudy Napolitano

5A: 1st Jonathan McKenzie, 2nd Bryan Salazar, 3rd Jay LaPlante, 4th Time Eaton, 5th Ronald Toth, 6th Flint McInnis, 7th Chris Covell, 8th Mike Girouz, 9th Alex Eusebio, 10th Eyrn Parts

5B: 1st Jonathan McKenzie , 2nd Jay LaPlante, 3rd Jose Reyes, 4th Bryan Salazar, 5th Mike Giroux, 6th Chris Covell, 7th Tim Eaton, 8th David Miller, 9th David Holland, 10th Sung Kwan Cho

50+: 1st James Nelms, 2nd Michael Reese, 3rd Seth Davidson, 4th Steve Gregorios, 5th Ted Rupp, 6th Dave Prechtl, 7th Harold Martinez, 8th Mike Carro, 9th Brian Schroeder, 10th Chuck Winn

55+: 1st: Mark Hoffenberg, 2nd Jay Wolkoff, 3rd Dale Luedtke, 4th Don Denegal, 5th Dan Nicolette! 60+ 19 racers. 1st Kal Szkalak, 2nd Mike Marotta, 3rd Jack Briggs, 4th Craig Jones, 5th John McKee

35+: 1st Charon GB Smith Team Surf City Cyclery/Sterling BMW, 2nd Aaron Wimberley, 3rd John Wike, 4th Ben Petzoldt, 5th Jon Davy, 6th Robbie Miranda, 7th Dan Reback, 8th Frank Velasquez, 9th Mark Scott, 10th Eric Anderson

45+: 1st Armin Rahm, 2nd John Slover, 3rd Shaun Bagley, 4th Robert Swigart, 5th Scott Evans, 6th Mark Hoffenberg, 7th Dave Buatista, 8th Karl Wurzbach, 9th Josh Gruenberg, 10th Jon Nist

Cat 4: 1st Garrett Meier, 2nd Richard Holec, 3rd Nick Ramos, 4th Josh Ruiz, 5th Nicholas Moya, 6th Michael Cleveland, 7th Peyton Cooke, 8th Sean Bird, 9th Conrad Tapia, 10th Andrew Duffy

W 3/4: 1st Jennifer Whalen, 2nd Charity Chia, 3rd Amy Firth, 4th Tracy Tilton, 5th Rachel Swan, 6th Erin Gunn, 7th Kim Nida, 8th Amelia Tanner, 9th Gabriella Loughnot, 10th Angel Castillo

Cat 3: 1st Shawn Wayland, 2nd William Thomas, 3rd Eric Bierman, 4th Rico DeSaracho, 5th Marco Cubillos, 6th Nick Pollack, 7th Hung Nguyen, 8th Kenten Harris, 9th Rob Angle, 10th Chaz Morales

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