Schwinn Introduces the 2016 Vantage with Smooth Ride Technology

Schwinn, a brand of Dorel Industries, Inc., as well as America’s most iconic bike brand, has launched the all-new Vantage with Smooth Ride Technology (SRT). With the understanding that recreational fitness bike riders are interested in comfort and performance, the Schwinn Vantage is fast and responsive as well as plush and forgiving. Its Smooth Ride Technology provides an active suspension vibration dampening system that offers a ride unmatched in the sport hybrid category.

SRT is an elastomer technology mounted between the Vantage’s seat stays and seat tube. With 15 millimeters of travel, SRT helps absorb bumps in the road and provide a smooth ride without sacrificing efficiency. Since the Vantage offers a more forgiving ride, it encourages more time on the bike as well as a longer, more enjoyable experience. Additionally, SRT ensures no loss of lateral stiffness which means the rear wheel is less likely to flex from side to side and riders will maintain a more efficient pedal stroke.

The Schwinn Vantage is ideal for those who want a versatile bike. When on the Vantage, the rider is in a more aggressive sport position perfect for putting in extra miles on a bike path or fire road. However, the rider is still upright enough to comfortably cruise around town. The Vantage is highly functional; it has integrated mounts so it can be loaded up front and rear with racks, panniers and fenders for commuting and touring.

The Vantage will be offered in two models – the F1 and the F2, $880 USD and $660 USD respectively. Both will be available at independent bike dealers worldwide. To learn more about the Schwinn Vantage and the breadth of the brand’s product visit

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