New TWENTY20 Team Kit Unveiled During Weekly Zwift Road to Tokyo Ride

Team jersey design tells a bigger story of interconnectedness

Team Twenty20 shared the inspiration behind their new jersey:

Almost 600 athletes joined Team TWENTY20 on their weekly “Ride to Tokyo” through Zwift’s online cycling platform. But something was different , as all riders ‘showed up’ wearing the pro cycling team’s new kit design as part of an exclusive and first-ever TWENTY20 in-game reveal. Conceptualized by Thereabouts Gus Morton and Isaac Karsen in collaboration with team general manager, Nicola Cranmer; and created by Berlin-based designer, illustrator, and cyclist, Barry McWilliams; the kit represents the circle of life of the team, the interconnectedness of the riders and staff, and a connection to the natural world.

“The foundational concept for our new kit design came about after the team lost our title sponsor at the end of 2019 and we were heading into an Olympic year,” said Cranmer. “We took stock of what we had and were reminded why it was that we all rode bikes to begin with. We thought of all the things we loved about cycling—the freedom, nature, mate-ship, overcoming, belonging and support, and then looked to find a representation of these in the wild. That’s when we found the aspen tree. Aspen trees coexist and are held up by a single interconnected root system. Team Twenty20 isn’t all that differen

What the team didn’t expect was that everyone would be forced to retreat from society as the COVID-19 pandemic flipped life on Earth upside down, just as this message and mission were to be introduced. Ironically, the lessons from the aspen tree of interconnectivity, community, and camaraderie are needed now more than ever, and with that in mind the team is reaching beyond traditional competition for a greater good.

With the 2020 cycling season on hold and the race calendar uncertain, TWENTY20 is focused on keeping the cycling community connected and inspired through a variety of efforts in collaboration with various team partners. One such opportunity is this virtual introduction of their new team kit design with partner, Zwift and their continued involvement in esports training and racing. Another example is teammate Emma Grant who rode solo to climb the equivalent of Mt. Everest in one day to raise more than $6,300 (the equivalent of 63,000 meals) for Chefs Cycle for No Kid Hungry.

The new TWENTY20 jersey will be available for purchase in support of the team’s youth rider development program.

Details will be available on the team’s website once manufacturing schedules are confirmed by the team’s apparel sponsor, Athlos Sports.

TWENTY20 Road To Tokyo ride is weekly on Thursdays at 6am Pacific. Sign up on the Zwift companion app!


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