Results: Tour de Murrieta Circuit Race

Tour de Murrieta Circuit Race Pro Win

The 16th Annual Tour de Murrieta Circuit Race which was held on Sunday featured a fun, scenic course with rolling hills on the outskirts of Murrieta.

With the 2021 Tour de Murrieta running later in the year, in June instead of March, due to the Pandemic, the weather definitely warmed up for the weekend. I think some riders weren’t used to racing in the heat. 
The Tour de Murrieta Circuit Race had awesome weather for the day’s start, however, the wind was going to be a major factor in the race as the wind got up 20 plus miles per hour. 
This made it difficult to try and stay away. However, this didn’t stop the two-man break with Kyle Kirby (Voler Factory Team p/b OVCB) and Matt Usborne – (Above and Beyond Cancer P/B Bike World) from giving it a go in the Pro 1/2 race and the duo remained out front for at least half of the race. The racing for the win started late in the race with about 3 laps to go as Johnny Brown (EvoPro Racing) went off the front to open a small lead which became a comfortable lead once he hunkered down and got in his rhythm. 
There was some chasing from the dwindling field, however, the gap remained comfortable enough for Brown to win the Pro 1/ 2 Circuit Race with a solo win. With the field sprinting in for the remaining places it was going to be really competitive as the field was focusing on their overall points and positions for the overall placing as this was an omnium event, so consistency was going to be a factor for both days of racing. 
The remaining field winding up for the field sprint and remaining places, Ama Nsek (Legion of Los Angles) sprinted in for second taking the field sprint and Osvaldo Mora ( Team) was hot on his heels taking third.
Thanks to all the Tour de Murrieta volunteers and event directors/organizers that work tirelessly to make this event happen each year with great success. 

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Circuit Race Results

Men Pro 1-2 Podium

1 Jonathan Brown (EvoPro Racing)
2 Ama NSEK (LUX/Sideshow p/b Specialized)
3 Osvaldo MORA ( team)

Women Pro 1-3 Podium

1 Ana HERNANDEZ DELGADO (Sisterhood of Cycling/Subaru/Santa Monica)
2 Thialor MIZE (Automatic Racing)
3 Patricia MURRAY

Omnium Classification

Men Pro/1/2

1 Ama NSEK LUX/Sideshow p/b Specialized
2 Osvaldo MORA Team
3 Ryan JASTRAB UCI CT: Wildlife Generation Pro Cycling

Women Pro/1/2/3

1 Shelby REYNOLDS Monster Racing Team
2 Hayley BATES
3 Charity CHIA D9 Foundation / CBS Cycling

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